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Recommended Meetup: Kanban 101 with Mr Kanban, David J Anderson

Our friends at Dublin Lean Coffee are hosting the brilliant David J Anderson, creator of Kanban, on Thursday, February 18th at 19:00. This is a rare opportunity to hear from the source what a modern method such as Kanban actually is.

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What is Kanban? Is it Scrum without timeboxes? Is it simply a replacement for the to-do list? Is it a “waterfall” process, which has nothing Agile about it? There have been many attempted definitions through the years.

None of them is really true.

Kanban is a method for defining, managing and improving services delivering knowledge work, such as professional services, creative industries and the design of physical and software products. An alternative path to agility, really.

That definition belongs to David J Anderson, the creator of Kanban. And he is coming to Dublin to tell us all about it!

David will share with you what lays beyond that one sentence definition and explain how bringing transparency to your teams and organisations can enable immense improvements.



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